Stylish Goa Bar with a Retractable Roof and Eye-Catching Tiger Tail Backlight | Danza Del Design

Stylish Goa Bar with a Retractable Roof and Eye-Catching Tiger Tail Backlight | Danza Del Design 104

Designed by Ridhima of Danza Del Design, The Laughing Tiger is an all-day dining restaurant nestled along the serene shoreline of Goa. Its central architectural element is a striking 19-foot-high bar adorned with design concepts and delicacies. A retractable roof covers the seating area, allowing for sunbathing and stargazing while adapting to weather conditions. A playful yellow backlit tiger tail at the bar's front adds a unique touch, and hanging greenery and lighting enhance the ambiance while cooling the space in the hot climate. The design shares more details with SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

Design Concept

The idea of the restaurant was perceived by none other than Ridhima who wanted to create an Asian-funk Bar that would evoke a sense of freedom and fun in design.

As the name suggests ‘The Laughing Tiger’, the intention was to be wild as a tiger while feeling at your best and having fun till the sun sets.

Captivating Spaces and Thoughtful Design

When guests step into the restaurant, they're greeted by an inviting bar and seating area. The space is split into three parts: a bar counter with stools, an open area in the middle, and another section leading to a different level.

On one side, there's an all-day dining restaurant, while on the other, a poolside café awaits. The central bar, standing at 19 feet high, steals the show, decorated with unique delicacies that redefine design concepts. Everything, from the decor to the cuisine, embraces the Asian theme, creating a cohesive and immersive experience.

Vibrant Palette and Opulent Features

A vibrant colour palette is followed in the design which evokes a sense of boldness and weaves an enchanting tapestry. The design team considered the climate of the region and offers a grandeur accentuated by a retractable roof to cover the seating area that allows one to bask in the glory of the sun or revel under the starry night sky. The bar's maroon-black-gold colour scheme adds an air of opulence, inviting one to indulge in the finest libations in style. 

At the front, the bar features the tail of a tiger on display that uses a yellow backlight that juxtaposes the overall design. It houses three racks for displaying bottles and uses ACP sheets to mimic a glass finish.

The roof is done with wooden shaded ACP sheets and adorned with hanging greenery from the top along with butterflies and twinkling lights. This helped to keep the space cool in the harsh climate of the region.

Asian Essence and Sustainability

The design brings the essence of Asia to life with dynamic elements. Inspired by Japanese Kaizen, hanging bamboo lights gently sway overhead, casting a warm glow that blends seamlessly. Iron rods, painted and lit, add a touch of opulence, with leftovers repurposed for seating panels to reduce waste. 

A granite bench topped with a lit umbrella in midnight blue enhances the Asian theme, while glow-in-the-dark concrete and terrazzo tables create texture and evoke high-design artistry.

Artistic Collaborations and Unique Features

Danza Del Design prioritizes sustainability through collaborations with local artists and waste reduction efforts. A striking feature in the bar is a wall adorned with clay dishes replicating Tokyo art, crafted on-site by various artists using 3D paints. Additionally, the bar stools are notable for their unique design, featuring blue upholstered seating with a brass finish and tiger-themed coasters on the backs, reflecting Asian culture with Indonesian caps.

The Asian-funk theme permeates the menu and design elements, with a vibrant color palette mirroring the bar's hues. Red, midnight blue, maroon, and touches of yellow and ochre create a bold aesthetic, complemented by graphics featuring tigers enjoying drinks. 

Project Details

Name of Project: The Laughing Tiger
Design Team: Danza Del Design
Area (sq. ft): 800 sq. ft

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