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Researchers Develop Biodegradable Sawdust Formwork to Combat Wood Waste

Under the leadership of DART director Mania Aghaei Meibodi, along with researchers Muhammad Dayyem Khan, Tharanesh Varadharajan and Zachary Kelle...

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Researchers 3D Print Soil to Create Walls, Roofs Teemed with Plants

A method of 3D printing with seed-impregnated soil which can be used to create walls and roofs heaving with plants has been recently invented by ...

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3D Printing- The Future Ahead

If you still think of 3D printing as a futuristic tool that is far off in the future then you are mistaken.3D printing is a tool that is in use t...

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Studio RAP Unveils Striking Archways with 3D-Printed Ceramic Tiles | New Delft Blue

Utilizing 3D printing and an algorithmic approach, Studio RAP constructed the archways using 3,000 unique tiles that evoke the colour and pattern...

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Sustainable Designer Gabe Tavas Alters Kombucha Waste t

Sustainable Designer Gabe Tavas Alters Kombucha Waste to Create Pyrus That Mimics Exotic Wood | SURFACES REPORTER Material Update

Nature and design can beautifully coexist if embraced properly. And it is our young generation that has taken up the task at hand to balance the ...

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3D Printed Mycelium Column

3D Printed Mycelium Column Made From Waste Coffee Cups Can Replace Concrete | Blast Studio

A new method of 3D printing with mycelium – the vegetative root of fungi – has been developed by London-based Blast Studio. Also known as shiro, ...

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To Grow a Building Uses Seed, Soil and Roots as Building Material to Create Living Architecture

The possibility of living in a world full of buildings designed out of 3D printed living materials will soon be a reality. Courtesy of a performa...

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USA to Welcome its First 3D-Printed Multi-Storey Building | House of Cores

New York-based design studio Hannah has commenced the construction of the first 3D-printed multi-storey structure in Houston, Texas. In collabora...

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