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MIT Researchers Discover a Method to Make Metal Stronger and Lighter | Recrystallization

Metal can be easily altered into an end number of shapes that can be used for different purposes through casting, machining, rolling and forging....

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Four Ways to Style your Interiors with Copper | SR Ideas

With warm interiors being the talk of the town, what’s better than a rose gold-looking copper to add a touch of luxe to your interiors. Copper is...

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Ash Abode | FADD Studio | Bengaluru

Corbusier and Jeanneret Influenced the Art, Furniture and Muted green interiors of Ash Abode | FADD Studio | Bengaluru

Farah Ahmed and Dhaval Shellugar of FADD Studio shared with SURFACES REPORTER (SR) that they were deeply inspired by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jean...

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RMDK New Boutique Store | ‘Heritage’ | New Delhi

Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra Architects New Boutique Store Is A Quintessence of the Indian ‘Heritage’ | New Delhi

The interior of this new boutique store in Delhi designed by Ravish Mehra and Deepak Kalra is a contemporary chic translation of the luxe and mag...

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Product Designer Deval Verma Turns Metal Scrap into Priceless Artworks and Sculptures

Verma’s artwork mainly revolves around upcycling metal junk, e-waste and discarded plastics into customized artworks, sculptures and products.

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Paper and Thread Intertwine to Create a Reshaping Lighting Design | Paperwork

Frederik Gustav, a Copenhagen-based design studio, recently introduced a lighting installation created out of light-diffusing paper screens that ...

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