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Seven Spatial Styles Unified by a Central Courtyard | Takayuki Kuzushima and Associates

The one-story residence lays out an uneven cluster of seven different volumes where each level hosts a distinct programme.

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10,000 Alphabets in Shades of 100 colours Guise as a Floating Book Installation | 100 Colours no 37

Composed of 10,000 alphabet letters from A to Z, the 100 Colours no 37 installation also includes Norwegian special letters in shades of 100 colo...

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Timber and Concrete Unite to create a Dramatically Sloping Roof Café | Takahama Cafe

Named Takahama Cafe, the newly introduced structure seamlessly connects the earth and atmosphere and reflects the surrounding environment.

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World Architecture Day

World Architecture Day: 25 Beautifully Designed Architectural Wonders

Architecture and design are few of the art forms which have successfully mesmerized the world and stayed firm through the test of time. Besides i...

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5 Futuristic Smart Cities to Become Reality

5 Futuristic Smart Cities to Become Reality Soon

Here are the 5 innovative futuristic cities to eye on in 2020.

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Thousands of Steel Trading Cards Build Up This Pokémon Co-owners New Office | Nendo

Thousands Steel Trading Cards Build This Office for Pokémon Co-owners | Nendo | Japan

Nendo took cues from the companys extremely popular trading cards, digital games, 3D modelling, and motion design to accomplish an unusual and fu...

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Styrofoam Waste Revamped into Monolithic Furniture Collection | Refoam

The structures are transformed into tables, chairs and other furniture pieces that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Unemori Architects Elevate House

Unemori Architects Elevate House in Takaoka 700 Mm above Ground to Prevent Harsh Weather Conditions

Keeping in mind the harsh climatic conditions, Unemori Architects successfully completed the one-storey residential house in Takaoka. Designed on...

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