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A Tropical Oasis with Enveloping Red Tiles and Innovative Ventilation System | Tile House

To counteract its challenging wind conditions, the Tile House features an innovative roof system, resembling an inverted trapezoid, directing win...

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Minimal, Neutral Aesthetics Unite Smartly to Segregate the Spa and Salon Wings of Snip Salons & Spa | Workshop Inc

Edward de Bono’s wise quote, “Creativity involves breaking out of expected patterns in order to look at things in a different way,” articulates t...

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This Music School Unites Architecture and Community under its Coconut Wood Cantilevered Roof | Casa de Musica

Casa de Musica serves as a social gathering space with its warm materials and natural ventilation, while also providing musicians with spacious a...

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Dramatic Roofline Shelters this House from Harsh Summer, Torrential Rain | House of Noufal

Indian architecture studio 3dor Concepts discerned the brief by drawing inspiration from traditional architecture and modern archetypes.

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