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This Museum’s Geometric Concrete Structure is Illuminated by its Roof’s Cross-Shaped Design | Space of Light

Characterized by his signature use of concrete, the meditation space is softly illuminated by a cross-shaped aperture in its roof, capturing and ...

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Heatherwick to transform old Desalination Plant into a Museum | Jeddah Central Museum

Heatherwick will be designing the Jeddah Central Museum in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by converting the desalination plant into a souk – a marketplace.

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A Curvaceous Corten Steel Extension that Foretells the Stories of Refugees | FLUGT by BIG

Dedicated to the refugees in Oksbol, Denmark, BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group in collaboration with exhibition designers Tinker Imagineers and engineers ...

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A Captivating Mirror and Glass Canopy that Redefines Museum Space| Common Sky

This installation forms a massive glass and mirror canopy, consisting of overlapping mirror and glass panels, to enclose an open-air courtyard at...

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Indonesian architectural design studio Sidarta and Sandjaja

An Archive of Circular Design, this Museum’s Facade is Made of 200,000 Plastic Bottles | MoSA

Indonesian architectural design studio Sidarta and Sandjaja recently designed a museum-like space for Space Available studio. The architect duo t...

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India’s Tallest Dr Ambedkar statue Unveiled in Hyderabad

Standing tall at 175ft including a 50-ft-high circular base resembling the edifice of the Parliament of India, the statue weighs 474 tonne.

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MVRDV to Design an Energy-Neutral Park for a Fossil Fuels-Free Future | Hangzhou Oil Refinery Factory Park

By repurposing this industrial infrastructure, access to the waterway will be granted, providing recreational opportunities and fostering economi...

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