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PFAS polluted soil to turn into bricks | Claybens | Netherlands | SURFACES REPORTER Material update

Polluted soil, particularly the one with PFAS chemicals (forever chemical) is one of the major environmental concerns now-a-days. In order to add...

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World Architecture Day

World Architecture Day: 25 Beautifully Designed Architectural Wonders

Architecture and design are few of the art forms which have successfully mesmerized the world and stayed firm through the test of time. Besides i...

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Studio RAP Unveils Striking Archways with 3D-Printed Ceramic Tiles | New Delft Blue

Utilizing 3D printing and an algorithmic approach, Studio RAP constructed the archways using 3,000 unique tiles that evoke the colour and pattern...

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MVRDV Lays an Orange Carpet at 30m Height Bridging Rotterdam’s Buildings | Rotterdam Rooftop Walk

A temporary bright orange rooftop installation that crosses the rooflines of two adjacent buildings had been recently unveiled by Dutch architect...

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Custom Designed Products

Demolished Bricks and Concrete Intertwine to Form Custom Designed Products | A Waste Epiphany | SR Decor

The construction industry is the largest waste producer in the Netherlands followed by demolition waste. Netherland-based studio A Waste Epiphany...

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Building Embraces the Idea of Living on Water, Sluishuis

Distinct at Each Angle, This Building Embraces the Idea of Living on Water | Sluishuis

Located in the conjunction of urban, rural and water areas of Amsterdam, Sluishuis is the newly introduced housing block on Netherland lake IJbur...

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Manhattan Building’s Facade

Bricks Made of 577,367 Pounds of Recycled Waste adorn this Manhattan Building’s Facade | The West

In the neighbourhood that resonates with the industrial character of rich and colourful history, New York’s Hell Kitchen recently welcomed The We...

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