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This Timber Pavilion Amalgamates Research and Nature amid a Forest Canopy | Flora Pavilion

Titled Flora (Forest Lab for Observational Research and Analysis), the pavilion serves as a scientific facility, allowing researchers to reside a...

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Miracle Material Breaks Solar Power World Record; Exceeds 30% Efficiency Barrier | Perovskite

For the first time, researchers have developed a solar cell that can pass a 30 per cent efficiency barrier. Researchers at TNO, TU Eindhoven, ime...

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TOVA Sustainably Unifies Vernacular Earthen Architecture with 3D Printing | IAAC-3dPA

A group of students and researchers from the 3D Printing Architecture (3dPA) postgraduate programme of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of...

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Taking Recycling to the Next Level: A House Made of Diapers

Taking Recycling to the Next Level: A House Made of Used Diapers

Diapers that have been used can be repurposed as a building material by virtue of them being able to substitute for the sand that is usually empl...

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Researchers Develop Squid-Skin inspired Energy-Saving Windows

The system utilizes micro-fluidics with flat sheets of plastic containing channels through which fluids can be pumped.

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