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This Tranquil Oasis Integrates Classical Kerala Architecture | Niraamaya Retreats Backwaters and Beyond

Niraamaya Retreat demonstrates a boutique architectural experience of opulence that strongly connects with the surrounding landscape through an a...

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This Futuristic Luxurious Villa Nestled In The Snowy Russian Landscape Designed by Shomali Design Studio | Lako

Designed by Shomali Design Studio, this modern and futuristic villa- named ‘Lako’ is surely an architectural wonder that sits in the scenic lands...

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B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio Inserts A Rectangular Box Inside This Red-Brick Coffee Shop | China

The project christened- 1402- is a coffee shop built into an existing red brick architecture with a sloping roof on the main road to the coast ne...

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Dramatic Roofline Shelters this House from Harsh Summer, Torrential Rain | House of Noufal

Indian architecture studio 3dor Concepts discerned the brief by drawing inspiration from traditional architecture and modern archetypes.

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