This Futuristic Luxurious Villa Nestled In The Snowy Russian Landscape Designed by Shomali Design Studio | Lako


Who wouldn’t like to live in a cosy and beautiful retreat nestled nicely in the snowy forest? Designed by Shomali Design Studio, this modern and futuristic villa- named ‘Lako’ is surely an architectural wonder that sits in the scenic landscape of Russia. Although the building showcases a simple design, the sturdy structure is enough to make the dweller feel safe in its cozy and warm interiors. Read more about this project below at Surfaces Reporter (SR):

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The surrounding nature influenced the shape,  aesthetic and material palette of the project. 

An Extended Sloping Roof

The angular structure features a sloping roof that extends from the top to the ground and merges well. "We tried to use a solid and simple form to make a powerful and safe feeling.


On the other hand, making harmony with the surrounding by extending the sloping roof to the ground was our main goal. In the end, the futuristic and modern form was born during this process. Also, it is an inner space at the front door,” said the architect.

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A Visual Tour To Lako Designed by Shomali Design Studio

Fluid and Warm Interiors

The firm used warm and fluid interiors to have a cozy feeling.

Villa-lako-by-shomali-design-studioThe bold and warm colour palette with numerous floor materials gives the luxurious villa a much-required warmth.

Villa-lako-by-shomali-design-studioUnlike numerous plush villas, this has a one-level floor layout. Further, the floor naturally curves in the mid to offer a raised platform for the bed which separates the sleeping area. 

Panoramic Windows

The project also contains beautiful windows that allow the dweller to enjoy the snowy vista.


Project Details

Project Name: Lako
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Architecture firm: Shomali Design Studio
Principal architect: Rashid Shomali & Yasin Rashid Shomali
Built area: 70 m²
Design year: 2021
Visualization: Shomali Design Studio

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