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Student Creates Generative Furniture

Student Creates Generative Furniture from Wooden Leftovers | regrowth

A unique exploration connecting computational design and the use of leftover materials within the forestry industry led to the birth of regrowth....

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Old Fuselages from Carlsberg Beer Production Gets Fabricated into Chic Furniture | BeMo Cph

To create original and functional designs with an aesthetic focus and sustainable precision, BeMo Cph creates simple and beautiful furniture that...

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Giant Wooden Table and Chairs Add a Whimsical Touch to this Mixed-Used Facility | Sweets Bank

The design of Sweets Bank is intended to evoke curiosity, catch the eye and be highly Instagrammable, thus aiming to enhance the image and reputa...

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A Lamp and Seed Germinator by Benditas Studio

A Lamp and Seed Germinator by Benditas Studio | Brot

Benditas Studio has incredibly merged two products that usually have separate utility, adding new value to both. Brot has a double function: it’s...

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