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How Mirror in The Entryway Makes the Home Look More Beautiful

The entrance of your house is the first impression a visitor gets about you and your customs. It takes some time and money to decorate your entryway with minimal designs and features that stand out from others. One of the things that make your entryway look more attractive and spacious are the

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This Resort in Rajkot Features Seven Multi-level Pyramids Made of Glass and Steel

Gujarat-based architecture firm Ishwar Gehi Architects designed this magnificent pyramid-shaped resort that spreads over an area of 1,10,220 sq. ft.

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Glass Forms The Facade Of This Farm House by Salankar Pashine And Associates | Nagpur

Designed by Salankar Pashine And Associates (SPA), this beautiful farmhouse spans over an area of 2,500 square feet. The firm followed a free-flowing design scheme where glass is used to build the exterior of the house.

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