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The facade is an integral piece to the overall design and creates a personality and character in a building. It can come in many shapes and sizes that allow architects and designers to showcase their talent by bringing a building to life. SR Fascinating Façade offers the architecture industry a comprehensive overview of the latest facade designs including perforated bricks, ceramic tiles, colors, glass walls, rippled metal, louvered shutters, and patterns.

In an architectural project, the facade is one of the most important elements that is particularly common in modern architecture. It can immediately change the character of a building on how it is discerned.

Metals in Facade: ACP- The New Age Material in the Construction Industry - Mr. Rahul Garg, Director, Alex Panels Group

No matter how nicely the interior of a building is designed, the facade remains the first major impression of the standard and style of any building. Not only should it define the architectural aesthetics of a building, but it should also be resilient, protective, and easy to maintain.

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Architecture Admirers and Book Lovers Alike Will Fall in Love with Starfield Library in Seoul

Situated in Asia’s largest underground shopping center in Seoul, South Korea, this gigantic Starfield Library is filled with more than 50,000 books and magazines.

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American Architecture Firm Gives The Texture of Aspen Trees To The Facade of This Mixed-Use Building in Denver

The white facade of this building is punctuated with window openings that give the texture of the bark of Aspen Trees found in Colorado.

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A Rustic Yet Futuristic Parametric Brick Facade Wraps This Residential Home in Coimbatore by Murali Architects

Chennai-based Murali Architects covered the exterior of this house with a rustic yet futuristic parametric brick facade that combines straight and slanted patterns.

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The Contemporary Architecture of This New Hotel in China is Inspired From the Ancient Chinese Encyclopaedia

This futuristic buildings facade is presented in an archs shape, which matches the central garden.

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The Honeycomb-like Facade of This Family Home Designed by Ahmedabad-Based Architecture Firm Opens and Closes with the Sunlight

This house has ever-changing facade encapsulated with solar-sensor-based modules that open and close in response to the changes in the intensity of light.

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The Copper Facade and Three Courtyard Spaces Define The TUT house | Webe Design Lab | Tuticorin | Tamil Nadu

The striking copper facade with organic patterns and perforations is the eye-catcher in this house designed by Chennai-based Webe Design Lab.

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Glass Forms The Facade Of This Farm House by Salankar Pashine And Associates | Nagpur

Designed by Salankar Pashine And Associates (SPA), this beautiful farmhouse spans over an area of 2,500 square feet. The firm followed a free-flowing design scheme where glass is used to build the exterior of the house.

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