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Flooring is the process of providing a clean, smooth, durable and waterproof levelled surface to the lessee of the house. To withstand the loads coming over it, the floor should be hard, durable and sufficiently strong.

All the floors consist of two main components:

Floor base: It consists of layers of various materials. It is done to provide a strong and unsinkable surface to the floor covering.

Floor covering: It has a layer of materials like Tiles, Mosaic, Marble etc. Nowadays Tiled Flooring, Marble Flooring and PVC flooring are becoming a hot trend in modern houses.

Types of Flooring:

1. Wood Flooring: As a flooring material that comes in various styles, colors, cuts, and species, wood is a common flooring material.

2. Laminate Flooring: It is a synthetic floor covering that is designed to look like wood flooring or sometimes stone flooring. It is a cheaper alternative to wood flooring.

3. Tile Flooring: Tile flooring is manufactured from a different kind of materials such as clay, stone, metal, terrazzo, and quartz. Each type of tile flooring has its own characteristics.

4. Engineered Wood Flooring: It is a robust flooring option. It is made with innovation of design that makes it even more versatile!

5. Red Oxide Flooring: It is one of the most durable, long-lasting flooring options. Oxide flooring is a form of flooring whereby oxides are used for colouring the floor.

6. Venyl Flooring: Vinyl floors are composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These are made in layers. The bottom layer is the backing. The thicker the backing is, the more durable the product is.

7. Hardwood flooring: It is one of the most popular floor surface covering materials and has been for centuries. Its versatility of function and design gives each installation a unique personality and beauty.

8.Granite flooring: Granite flooring is a very practical and stylish floor covering. The floor tiles are strong, durable natural stone. Apart from great functionality, they can add significant value to your home.

9. Bamboo flooring: It is becoming a popular alternative to traditional hardwood flooring. It is more durable, eco-friendly and sustainable. It can prove harder than the hardwood floors.

10. Digital/3D Flooring: Digital /3D Floor is solely designed to beautify the space with lavish looks. Spotless and beautiful, it is an affordable option.

Pros and Cons of Laminates as Kitchen Flooring | SR Ideabook

Kitchen is that one place in an estate that is highly used every day meaning it requires the most durable sort of flooring material that not only look good but also fulfils the requirements of the owner. Laminate is that flooring material that pleases aesthetically,

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Wood Floors Vs Hard Flooring Vs Vinyl - Know Where to Use

Flooring is an essential element when it comes to designing your rooms. You can’t just go ahead with a single flooring material as different rooms have different requirements. It is also why there are multiple flooring materials available in the market.

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10 Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Flooring

Flooring for a home or a commercial space is that material that lasts for years. It brightens a room and different kinds of flooring materials provides an estate with different properties. Its look, finish and feel always catches the eye of a home owner and even guests.

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Love wooden flooring? Heres what you should know while choosing| SR Material Ideas

With wooden flooring- There are multiple options to choose from, such as solid hardwood or engineered hardwood. With added benefits like high durability and extra comfort during winters, wood flooring is very trendy. A range of colours and patterns are available with customization options.

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First in the world, Welspun Flooring receives Zero Waste certification from SCS Global Services | SR Material News

Welspun Flooring, a fully-integrated and independent flooring vertical of Welspun Group, has become the first company in the world to be awarded a certification under the new Zero Waste Standard implemented by SCS Global Services.

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Red Oxide Flooring: The Things You Should Know

Red oxide flooring is nothing but cement oxide which is red in color. They are again gaining their popularity and have begun to become the style status as a part of modern interior design.

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In Conversation with Mukesh Savlani, President and CEO, Welspun Flooring

Welspun Group is a US$ 2.1 billion company. With a strong foothold in more than 50 countries, it has created a wide range of products for the bed and bath category.

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Wallpaper made from Plant based fibres

UDC Homes, one of the largest paint and wallpaper retailers India, has launched a new range of wallpapers known as the "Nuance Collection".

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Bring Vibrance to your Space with Different types of Hardwood Flooring

The use of smaller wooden battens or blocks to create intricate flooring patterns goes back hundreds of years and is currently undergoing a huge revival. Explore how they can add dynamism to your space.

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The Wooden Effect!

The natural beauty and the class of wood are unmatched by any other style of flooring. The element that is increasingly becoming central to one’s premium lifestyle is customized interior wooden floorings.

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How to Avoid Cupping in Wood Flooring?

Dry cupping can be a seasonal occurrence, especially in climates that are cold and have a long heating season. Know how you can avoid cupping in wood flooring.

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Guide to Vinyl Flooring

Also known as the ‘Resilient flooring’, vinyl flooring, posses features like easy installation, durability, ease of maintenance and resistance from moisture, mould and mildew and wear & tear.

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A New Way to Do Flooring Business

For the first time in India in the wood industry, a scientific training module has been developed in-house which trains the team in each of the steps and processes involved in providing end-users with professionally installed wood floors and facades.

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Add class and comfort to flooring with Parterre’s Elemental Plank & Tile collection

Aged Oak vinyl flooring from Parterre’s Elemental Plank & Tile collection adds class and comfort to the flooring.

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New Age Flooring Lets Architects & Designers To Make Their Signature Designs, Says Meraj Hasan

With time, almost every category of building materials has gone through varied changes. Earlier walls used to be white or cream; then brands evolved, enabling the customers to customise the colours as per their requirements.

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REHAU RAUFLOOR Flooring Is Where Quality Meets Modernity

Floors are an integral part of any interiors. A beautiful floor adds value and complements the décor of the room & house. With plethora of flooring options available in the market, making a choice for the flooring for the house entails

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The Importance of Red Oxide Flooring

Red oxide, Black oxide and other color oxide flooring, unique to Kerala, is back in flavor after falling from grace in the seventies.

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Sustainable Projects: Use of Eco-friendly Materials in Flooring

Surfaces Reporter is presenting some of the sustainable projects in which eco-friendly materials in flooring have been used.

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5 Sustainable and Eco-friendly Flooring Options

The indoor air quality is relatively more polluted than the outdoor air. In such a scenario, consumers are compelled to look out for flooring options that are Eco-friendly & healthy.

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How to Decorate Your Interiors With Mirrors

A Mirror is a valued element of any interior. Consciously or unconsciously, you see it every day. When placed in a room, a mirror creates an entire spectrum of effects that enhance the beauty or the room manifold.

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Hardwood Cross Laminated Timber - An Inspiration for Architects

The newest innovation in mass timber is Hardwood Cross Laminated Timber. It is slowly capturing the material trends of 2017. Hardwood CLT could become the defining building material of the 21st century with architects ..

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Inside the Surat Bungalow

“The details are not the details. They make the design,” says Monika Bhatt. “We begin by thinking about how you live and what you love.” They have played with colours. Elegantly, each room has been rendered with different flooring, colour Scheme, designs and lighting and beautifully played with curt

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5 MUST DOs to Keep your Wooden Flooring Happy during Monsoon

Monsoon is here, and your elegant hardwood floor needs proper care during the dampness of this season. Surfaces Reporter spoke to Suresh Kumar Mansukhani, Country Manager (India), Junckers – one of the leading manufacturers of wooden flooring in India.

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Living with Earth

It has a rich vernacular architecture tradition still prevailing with its glorious old houses, and other western influenced buildings having a sense of climate and the region. “Unfortunately, today the construction of buildings, especially houses, are becoming a threat to this ecologically sensitive

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"Kronopol"- the ultra-luxury wooden flooring brand comes to India

Wooden flooring can strike just the right note in any style of home, as they make gorgeously sleek and stylish options for your flooring throughout the house.

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Busting the Myths Surrounding Carpet Flooring

There is nothing more luxurious than having a plush, warm cushion on the floors of a home. Surfaces Reporter found out that despite all of the benefits to carpeting, many people continue to shun it for a multiple reasons, many of which are rooted in various myths.

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How to maintain Vinyl flooring?

Vinyl Flooring is one of the preferred choices for high traffic areas and places like Hospitals, Pharma, manufacturing areas, oldage homes, schools, corporate, sports where great hygiene standards are maintained along with high aesthetics.

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Wallpapers that are Trending

Wallpapers never go out of fashion, while some designs or patterns and even materials keep trending every year. SURFACES REPORTER spoke to few experts from the design and wallpaper industry to spot the trends that are hot this season.

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Cushion Vinyl A Good Option for Senior Homes and Healthcare Facilities

Flooring in homes with Seniors Citizens often require a different set of criteria for it to work. For instance, consideration of safety need to be ascertained since seniors often  can be prone to injury.

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