10 Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Flooring

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Flooring for a home or a commercial space is that material that lasts for years. It brightens a room and different kinds of flooring materials provides an estate with different properties. Its look, finish and feel always catches the eye of a home owner and even guests.  

If you are thinking of renovating your home anytime soon and still confused on what kind of flooring to choose and what should you keep in mind while choosing the perfect floor for your home, read this space by Surfaces Reporter and understand the factors jotted down for you while purchasing the right kind of floor for yourself.  

1. Appearance: Different flooring products are made to fulfil different purposes. If you are choosing a flooring material for a bedroom, you must keep it simple and elegant. Similarly, if you are choosing flooring for living room, make sure that it matches with your aesthetics. There are different colors, shapes, designs, sizes available in the market in different materials like marble, tiles, laminate, terrazzo etc. choose the flooring that appears exactly the same in real when compared with your imagination.  

2. Cost: While renovating your estate, you may decide a budget for each thing. While so, your flooring material should never cost too much on your pocket as you may want to get rid of it in say, 5 to 7 years. Choose a material that fits your cost and make sure to check its quality as well.  

3.Slipperiness: When choosing a flooring material, make sure the material is not slippery or over polished. Bathroom tiles or floor should always be coated with anti-slippery solution. 

4.Hardness: Choose a flooring material that is resistant to everyday wear and tear. A lot of furniture or machinery load is put upon the floor every day. Make sure you choose a flooring material that resists any dents or chipping.  

5. Smoothness: Who doesn’t want their floors to give the same aesthetics as their interior décor! A smooth flooring material will not only make your interior look good but it will also be kids or adult friendly. A smooth surface will prevent your equipment from any kind of damage.  

6.  Maintenance: Different flooring materials require different kind of maintenance. Out of a variety of materials, choose the one that is easy to maintain and the one that does not dull or break over time. Even if the material breaks, it should be easy to remove or change it at low cost. 

7. Sound insulation: Flooring materials like timber, cork, rubber are good sound insulators. Choose a material that does not produce sound when you walk on it.  

8.  Fire resistant: For upper floors, you must choose a material that resists fire. Materials like timber, cork or rubber do not resist fire. You can go with concrete, marble or terrazzo that are highly resistant against fire.  

9.  Durability: Always make sure that you choose a flooring material that works against any kind of weather, loads, decay, termite or scratches. Make sure the life of the flooring is equal to other components used to install the flooring. Materials like marble, concrete or mosaic floors are highly durable. 

10.Height of the building: Flooring material for ground floors, first floor or basement should never be a hardwood carpet as it is not designed for below grade floors. Similarly, higher floors flex more when they age meaning they end up damaging brittle tiles or flabs of stone with time.  

Surfaces Reporter understands your need of choosing a perfect home décor material that matches with your aesthetics which is why we always try and bring to you more interior décor related topics, reading which you can choose the right material for your indoors. For more updates related to building material or home décor, keep reading www.surfacesreporter.com . you can also follow Surfaces Reporter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. 


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