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Upgrade Your Kitchenware And Adapt The Modernity!

Every estate has been using very simple kind of cookers, pans and knives. Not many Indian homes tend to upgrade their kitchens with time. Modern trends and latest technology, however, makes the work easier for everyone. Different types of cookware, backsplash, and even cleaning devices in the kitche

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Understanding ceramic tiles application in office space

Ceramic is a versatile material that is used for flooring, wall, kitchen countertops, walkways and patio applications. It is durable, heat and water resistant and lasts for a long time if maintained properly. For a workspace, you might want to use ceramic tiles due to its aesthetic appeal and other

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Neom: A $500 Billion Futuristic City Project in Saudi Arabia With Plans for Flying Cars, A Fake Moon, Robot Servants and Dinosaurs

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia- Mohammed bin Salman- dreamt and planned a project- Neom- where robots will surpass humans and hologram teachers will teach genetically-enhanced students.

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