The ‘Stamped Concrete’ Façade of The Field House in Hajgoli, Maharashtra Echoes The Surrounding Hills | Studio MAT Architects

The ‘Stamped Concrete’ Façade of The Field House in Hajgoli, Maharashtra Echoes The Surrounding Hills | Studio MAT Architects

Harsh Soneji, the Founding Principal of Studio MAT Architects, along with his design team Pratha Bhagat, fashioned an eclectic family abode in the picturesque village of Hajgoli, Maharashtra, India. The site, which is just three hours away from Goa, offers alluring vistas of the verdant fields, mountains, and the calm forest. The project also resonates “less is more” and “vocal for local” ethos with its minimal design theme and the use of local laborers along with the regionally sourced materials and crafts. Echoing the surrounding hills, the stamped concrete facade of this abode is carefully curated by the local artisans and is meticulously stamped using locally sourced teak wood. The site is surrounded by fields of sugarcane, cashew, mango, bajra and corn, an immense greenery that almost enters the house. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) receives more information about this mesmerizing project from the team. Scroll down to read:


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Studio-Mat-field-houseLocated in a quaint little village on the outskirts of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, this magnificent home designed by Studio Mat Architects amazingly complements the beautiful nature around. The village consists of not more than 20 families who are all involved in farming. The brief was clear, he wanted an abode that stands out amongst the existing village houses.  

Studio-Mat-field-houseOne of the challenges in construction was its remote location. This led to the employment of exclusively local laborers, carpenters, and artisans along with the use of local materials. Despite being three hours away from Goa, this village is connected to the nearby major cities and hubs by only roadways. 

The Incorporation of Kitchen Garden

The objective was to dedicate as much area as possible to the kitchen garden. The site is almost 20,000 sq ft of which the building occupies only 1500 sqft of the at the end of the plot. 

Studio-Mat-field-houseThe access to the building is a long beautiful field of sugarcane. These crops are almost 8 feet tall before harvesting and approaching the building through it is an altogether unique experience. 

Studio-Mat-field-houseThe Building is positioned such that each room opens out in at least two directions and sits perfectly within the landscape without competing with the surrounding which encourages us to savor the experience of the surrounding.

Outward-Looking Frames Offering Fascinating Vistas

The architectural concept of this house was creating outward-looking frames in every direction savoring the beauty of nature around. These framed portals make full use of the views within the site and dramatize special moments. They form a striking language to the house enhancing the outdoors and enhancing the living experience indoors. 


The beautiful form finished masses cantilever over the fields almost leaning on to them. The field house is a device to experience the landscape in diverse ways.

Studio-Mat-field-houseThe Building form is subtle and doesn’t compete with the site, it merely acts as a structure to engage with and enjoy the alluring fields.

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Locally Sourced Materials Accentuate The Minimal Interiors 

The interiors are minimal where locally available materials have been employed to weave the internal fabric. The shell is kept light and airy with one focal point or feature in each room. '


Locally sourced sandstone and wood have been developed and used on the walls, offering warmth to each area, giving it a contemporary yet rustic feel. The interiors are subtle and compliment the simplicity of the form. All the furniture has been crafted using locally available teak wood. 

Studio-Mat-field-houseIntricate cane lights have been fashioned by home-grown artisans that adorn many parts of the house. We have curated the coffee tables and consoles using stones and rocks on-site which add a rustic touch to the space. 

Studio-Mat-field-houseNatural light, ventilation and the objective of utilizing the various vantage points to the fullest were of utmost importance while designing the space. 

Project Details

Project Name: The Field house 
Architecture Firm: Studio MAT Architects
Principal Architect: Harsh Soneji
Design team:  Harsh Soneji, Pratha Bhagat
Area: 250 sqm
Location: Hajgoli, Maharashtra, India
Client:  Private
Completed: August 2021
Photo Credits:  Kshan collective 

About the Firm

Studio MAT focuses on creating contextually appropriate designs. The nature of the practice has been to use the immediate local canvas to our advantage to craft spaces that are ecologically sound and naturally beautiful. Their forte is attention to detail and customisation. Honesty to design, client satisfaction, and sustainability are the driving forces, along with the ability to constantly explore & evolve. The firm is dedicated to unique design approaches adapted to each project, and achieving a balance between functionality & aesthetics, context, climate, material, cost & time frame.

Pratha Bhagat and Harsh Soneji, Studio MAT Architects

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