How to Enhance Your Home With the Use of Mirrors

Home With the Use of Mirrors

Whether you are redecorating an old space or enhancing the look of a new space, you can make use of accessories for simple additions. Mirrors can do a lot more than reflect light. They are also known to bring in good energy. Let us look at such effects that will enhance the look of your room by adding mirrors to it. Surfaces Reporters(SR) explores these effects in detail in this article.


Optimize the placement to maximize light

Placing mirrors opposite windows will maximize light which is a helpful trick for small living or dining rooms. The placement opposite the window will increase the natural inflow of light in the room. Place it in a spot where light naturally enters and see the effect of the light. The room will appear bigger and brighter. If you have a green setting outside the window, your room will also get a natural green shade. If you want to amplify the light in a particularly dull room, you can place the mirror adjacent to the windows. This can help you avoid artificial lightning to the maximum.

Keep your house looking clean with mirror reflections

The primary function of mirrors is to maintain personal looks by checking yourself in the mirror. An angle that can help you get the reflection of a large area of the room can help you maintain the house well. You can add multiple mirrors at clever spots. The placement can enable a wide-angle of the room to check if the corners in the room are as clean as you want while chopping your vegetables in peace.

Replicate your decor with a mirror

Some pieces of home decor demand to be repeated. Placing the same type of article might seem outdated. To combat this, let the mirror on the wall do it. The trend of opting for large floor-to-ceiling mirrors as well as wall panels helps in doing just that. You can use this option for your rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc. In your kitchen, you can use this mirror to reflect your artistic cabinets or a wall texture that you are proud of.

Add texture

One simple way to recreate texture is by positioning the mirror on the opposite wall to reflect a rustic coffee table, a vase, or faux fur throw. You can position the mirror to your eye line to see the reflection easily. The second option is to use a textured mirror frame that will add a three-dimensional level to the wall. This could change the ordinary setting of your room to extraordinary.

Increase the surveillance of your house

Let’s face it, it might not be possible to put security cameras in every setting. If this is the case, mirrors are a cheap alternative. You might have noticed mirrored half-spheres that allow the security to keep an eye on suspicious individuals. Adding more mirrors in your home can help you track all the walls and doorways accurately.

A classy way to hide imperfections

Nothing is free of flaws and imperfections, that includes the walls of your room. It could seem like a nightmare to see a whole or leaky patch in the walls of your living room. Mirrors can help you hide this imperfection well. Adding a stylish mirror will conceal this area without being heavy on your pockets.

 Vastu and good luck

Mirrors are not just an amazing tool to make your room look bigger and prettier but can also fetch you more wealth! According to Vastu, the placement of mirrors is an important fact for attracting positive vibes. Placing mirrors opposite the locker of your house can double your wealth. While the north direction is considered auspicious as it can attract more wealth as well as positive energy. For improving wealth, mirrors should be placed on the east or north walls of the bathrooms. This will remove negativity and bring in brightness.


Mirrors can affect several aspects other than just the aesthetics and should be placed cleverly to get the maximum benefits of the same. At the same time, they can be a quick fix to problems that might not be as economical to fix using the other route.


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