MPDS New Office In Vadodara Features Unique Brick Patterned Facade Adorned With Polychromatic Shades and Artistic Interiors

MPDS New Office In Vadodara Features Unique Brick Patterned Facade Adorned With Polychromatic Shades and Artistic Interiors

Creating unique patterns using exposed brick is the specialty of Manoj Patel. He has recently designed his new office spanning a plot area of 1350sqft in Vadodara, Gujarat. The design studio's new workspace depicts the amazing brick patterns and free floral forms on its facade dotted with polychromatic shades and planters. Further bold adaptive artworks, 3D metal murals, and voluminous spaces convey a vibrant visual of youthfulness and story tales inside the workspace. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) talked with the architect to gather more information about the new office. Read on:


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Surrounded by the urban fabric, the new office revolves around the play of volumetric masses juxtapose with colorful graphics. To create an experience of material palettes, touch, feel and understand them in detail was the main idea to create a CO-Working studio space. 

Eye-Catching Floral Variations on The Entrance

On entering, the studio greets with bold adaptive artworks on the entry gateway from clay tiles infused with stone work and colors. A studio’s facelift seems to be a metaphor for the natural habitat around. Floral variations seem to be a sculpturesque line between studio space and art installations.

Connecting amphitheater inside has a bespoke feature wall with a minimal ceiling that sets to enjoy the celebrations of making an avenue connecting, the design community and becoming a place for experiments, learning and sharing ideas.

A New Form of Material Palette

A giant translucent metallic door welcomes within the main office space. An elongated spatial arrangement of reception and an informal waiting area signifies an open feature of welcome lobbies. 

The backdrop mural aspired to craft clay into delicate wall hangings that are based on curves and create curiosity from around when passersby visit. The lift wall is embodied with the clay tile and the mosaic tiles cluster highlights the variants inside the space.

A series of intensive design layouts gave rise to creating an entertaining triple-height corner of pockets with activities, 3D metal murals and clay modules on the perpendicular wall. One can visually feel this connectivity through barrier-free openings. 

Horizontal and vertical curving geometry of colors meticulously introduces a new form of material palette collection on the wall. A new ideology is taken into consideration while designing the triple-height mural wall, which can evolve over the time with new ideas exploring fabric for new generations.

Hand Crafted Material on Exterior

Façade explores another surface treatment of the studio’s hand-crafted material details.

Strips of vernacular material are oriented to form free floral forms that change accordingly. Overlapping them with subtle blue color and balcony canopies pops out for the façade volume.

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Formal Spaces For Informal conversations

The convertible Principal Architect’s cabin into a conference area collaborates with a sit-out space to have informal conversations and meetings as part of a different experience. Spaces are arranged as pockets of open and enclosed around the central waiting lounge on the first floor.This waiting lounge is based on the idea of creating a place with unique combinations of organic shapes, neutral colors, and curved graphics on the wall.


The triple-height building connects the spaces via different openings, which mainly act more as punchers for more connectivity.

Bridge for Communication and Relaxation

On the above floors for the staffs' work desk, a thoughtful intervention has been added. A bridge with double-height connections within the above 2 floors, to connect with fellow teammates and gets to learn or pass on learning easily without any barriers. 

A series of different visual working pockets turn out to be a combination of work, interaction and relaxation for the staff as well as the clients who visit.

While traveling from one floor to another there are tile backdrops designed that acts as an engaging storytelling concept inside the studio.

In-House Material Studio For Unhindered Interactions

The studio is always willing to experiment with new things and continuously develop them into executions. For this, the office came up with an in-house material studio where the manufacturers can directly interact with the project leads and integrate collaborative processes.

Considering new perspectives and technological upliftments in the same sector, digitalization has also been added into this space. Cantilever balcony projections ensure safety and generate curiosity of communications with one another in the open air.  

Colorful materials display a gradient effect on subtle walls. One of the accent walls exhibits possibilities on materials that can be altered as per applications and can be used numerous times as per the designer’s thoughts.

Penthouse on the Uppermost Floors

Co-Working space divides functions based on public and private intervention in the building on the above floors. Thinking out of the box, the studio incorporated penthouses on the last 2 floors that serve to be a relaxing zone for the staff alongside introducing the clients to the technologies and layout orientations fitted inside. 

Barrier-free studio living encompasses the open-minded spaces yet caters to private needs. An informal high chair seat out on the terrace garden has green and self-sufficient biophilic designs that breathe natural light and ventilation. Play of mood-setting lights and music re-establishes connect with working in nature for drawing inspirations and progressive character of mind.

Project Details

Architecture Firm: Manoj Patel Design Studio
Plot Area: 1350 ft²
Built-up: 4500 sqft
Completion Year: 2022
Photographs: MKGandhi Studio
Structure Engineers: Swati Consultants
Design Team: Manoj Patel, Aishwarya Gupte, Bhavik Shah, Prachi Dubey, Pooja Jangid, Bhumi Patel, Maria Vahora, Shraddha Gharte
Clay Tiles Craftsmanship: Dinesh Prajapati and Team
Aluminum sections: Sai Alumina
Furniture: BE Comfort 
Automation: DTI
City: Vadodara
Country: India

About the Architect

Nestled in Vadodara, Gujarat, Architect Manoj Patel is a degree holder in architecture, graduated from D.C Patel School of Architecture ( A.P.I.E.D ), Vallabh- Vidhyanagar, Gujarat, in 2012. He also pursued post-graduation in Climate Change and Sustainable Development in 2014 from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. He has always been keen on climate-responsive architecture, which and where has always been reflected in his academic portfolio.

Later, in 2015, he established his own firm ‘MANOJ PATEL DESIGN STUDIO’ which majorly focuses on sustainable building designs and restyling of the space with contemporary elucidation for design through the exploration of waste and recyclable materials in the built form which turns out to be a visual glee for citizens at large.

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