Modern Design with Nostalgic Charm of A Dynamic Bistro Bar in Chandigarh | Design9 Architecture Studio

Modern Design with Nostalgic Charm of A Dynamic Bistro Bar in Chandigarh | Design9 Architecture Studio

In Chandigarh, "zeek" bistro bar, crafted by Design9 Architecture Studio, seamlessly merges modern design with nostalgic charm. It shifts effortlessly from a daytime café to a vibrant bar at night. Textures like exposed brick and reclaimed wood enhance the atmosphere, while the bar area balances functionality with visual appeal. Rust-colored furniture and terrazzo flooring accentuate the natural, unrefined design ethos. Architect Naina Kishan provides further insights into the bar. Take a look:

Key design elements

Key design elements such as vibrant colors, stylish seating, and gentle lighting create an intimate atmosphere. The space transitions smoothly from a casual café during the day to a lively bar at night. Incorporating textures like exposed brick and reclaimed wood enhances the ambiance.

The bar area should be both functional and visually appealing, balancing elegance with approachability to cater to diverse customers.

Cozy Space with Modern Style for Relaxing

The thoughtfully designed space features a cozy atmosphere enhanced by modern design elements, creating a welcoming and trendy ambiance where guests can relax.

Zeek is dedicated to maintaining high standards and aims to become the top choice for individuals seeking a delightful combination of exceptional food, innovative drinks, and enjoyable social interactions.

Cozy Cave Ambiance with Textured Decor

As guests arrive, they encounter an archway creating the impression of a snug cave, inviting exploration with textured embellishments.

Lighting, combining ambient, task, and accent lights, sets a warm ambiance. Weathered stone walls add rustic charm, and a curated color scheme enhances the inviting atmosphere.

Rust-Colored Furniture and Terrazzo Flooring

The design ethos incorporates natural and unrefined elements, highlighted by rust-colored furniture and terrazzo flooring, achieving a blend of warmth and elegance. The interior layout features intimate spaces, encouraging guests to fully enjoy their experience.

Furniture choices are tailored to complement the aesthetic and adapt to different group sizes. Indoor plants and greenery are included to refresh and enhance the space's charm and visual appeal.

The concept is to create a feeling of openness, using mesh-wrapped arches to provide visibility while also creating private spaces for customers who want some alone time. At Zeek, they carefully choose every aspect to blend old-fashioned charm with modern elegance, welcoming guests to enjoy a unique dining experience.

Project Details

Project Name: Zeek
Firm Name: Design9 Architecture Studio
Location: Chandigarh
Status: Completed 
Gross Built Area: 3964sqft 

About Firm

Design9 Architecture Studio, spearheaded by Naina Krishan, combines the latest know-how with varied experience to ensure uniqueness in all other client’s projects. The firm specializes in creating timeless spaces that bring out the essence of a personality, be it a residence, commercial, industrial or a landscaping project. Although based in Chandigarh, their projects span across the country and overseas, too. 


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