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10,000 Alphabets in Shades of 100 colours Guise as a Floating Book Installation | 100 Colours no 37

Composed of 10,000 alphabet letters from A to Z, the 100 Colours no 37 installation also includes Norwegian special letters in shades of 100 colo...

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Anna Garden by KiKi ARCHi

This Multi-Dimensional Guest House lays in Juxtaposition of Nature and Man | Anna Garden by KiKi ARCHi

Japanese architecture studio KiKi ARCHi completed the renovation project of Anna Garden within 15 months of its given time. Located 30 km to the ...

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Stairway house in Tokyo

The Stairway House by Nendo

Situated in a serene residential area of Shinjuku, a zone of Tokyo, this three-story home designed by Nendo to accommodate three generations of t...

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Designer Creates Artistic Lampshades that Mimic Pencil Shavings | Nanako Kume

Tokyo-based designer Nanako Kume has launched a delightful pendant light series of wood. Drawing inspiration from the scraps that are left from s...

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Mitsubishi Jisho Design Crafts Teahouse Pavilion using Food-Waste-Based Materials | Veneti-An

Constructed from a variety of food waste materials, including coffee grounds and pasta, commonly found in Venice, the Veneti-An teahouse boasts 7...

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Styrofoam Waste Revamped into Monolithic Furniture Collection | Refoam

The structures are transformed into tables, chairs and other furniture pieces that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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Unemori Architects Elevate House

Unemori Architects Elevate House in Takaoka 700 Mm above Ground to Prevent Harsh Weather Conditions

Keeping in mind the harsh climatic conditions, Unemori Architects successfully completed the one-storey residential house in Takaoka. Designed on...

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This House Harmonises Traditional Japanese Construction with Contemporary Design | C4L House

C4L House respects Japan’s cultural context and honour the skills and innovations of past generations while providing spaces that can be passed o...

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