Bjarke Ingels Group Reveals An O-shaped Tower for OPPO in Hangzhou, China

OPPO Headquarters in Hangzhou, China

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has revealed a sinuous skyscraper featuring a Massive ‘O’ for OPPO’s new headquarter in Hangzhou, China. The headquarters are described as an “infinity loop” shaped tower that “connects [the] ground to sky in a continuous loop of collaboration”. The top and bottom surfaces of the O remain flattened just like a möbius strip that epitomizes China’s largest smartphone manufacturer- OPPO’s infinite potential and innovative spirit. The main purpose of this skyscraper will be to chiefly serve as an R&D building for the smartphone company while representing as an “iconic landmark and gateway” to the commercial district. Read more about the project below at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):


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OPPO in Hangzhou, China

Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) is renowned for constructing impressive buildings. The unique proposal design for OPPO’s New Headquarter is no exception. The tower will be positioned in Hangzhou’s Future Sci-Tech City, within the Zhejiang province of China.

Magnificent Letter ‘O’ Dazzles in Night

After sundown, when the building lights up, The huge Letter O of the tower will dazzle in Hangzhou’s skyline at night. It will serve as an iconic and awe-inspiring landmark within the city and strengthen Oppo’s brand through implausible architecture.

OPPO in Hangzhou, China

Sited Along A Natural Lake and a Park

The top and the front view of the tower look equally stunning in the day, creating a rather unforgettable piece of architecture.

OPPO in Hangzhou, ChinaThe tower is anticipated to constructed alongside an extant lake and a 107,000-square-foot public park.

Stunning Entrance

The building will have a spell-binding entrance as you walk right through the alphabet into a sizeable circular courtyard filled with greenery.

OPPO in Hangzhou, ChinaBjarke Ingels, founder of the Denmark-based architecture studio BIG, explained, “The central oasis and the surrounding [Hangzhou] wetland park expands the public realm into the heart of the complex.”

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OPPO in Hangzhou, China

Design Details

The tower has been fixed into something of a hollow column that sees a circular courtyard at ground level, with the boundaries of the glass tower seeming to “melt” around a central vertical oval that faces the entrance to the park within.

OPPO in Hangzhou, China“The compact form folding in on itself provides large flexible floorplates with the daylight access and fresh air of a slender tower”, says Ingels.

OPPO in Hangzhou, China

Inside the curving sides of the skyscraper, the architecture firm is planning to add a series of triple-height atriums and walkways. These will maximize views and form a sense of openness.

OPPO in Hangzhou, ChinaFurther, the practice claims that the whirling louvers that twist up the sides of the polished façade were distinctively placed as per solar studies. Further, they will passively minimize solar and thermal heat gain by up to 52 percent without blocking views.

OPPO in Hangzhou, China

Other Functional Spaces

The O-Tower’s ground floors will house conference areas, R&D innovation spaces for outside companies, exhibition spaces, and a canteen.

OPPO in Hangzhou, ChinaThe 1.73 million square feet of office space on the upper floor will be connected with a series of triple-height spaces under the slanted frontage of the tower’s roof.

OPPO in Hangzhou, ChinaThe building will clad in an adaptive louvre façade that will highlight slanted slats, looking like fingerprints.

OPPO in Hangzhou, China

The new headquarter design is an architectural marvel in itself. Its estimated date of completion has not been provided at the time of writing.

Project Details

Client: OPPO Global Mobile Terminal R&D Headquarters
Type: Office, Retail, and Masterplan
Size: Office 161,330m2, Retail 68,000 m2,
Site Area: 48,900 m2
Location: Hangzhou, China
Architect: Bjark Ingels Group
Project Leader: Hung Kai Liao
Project Architect: Kekoa Charlot
Design Lead: Ewa Bryzek
Facades Lead: Aimee Louise Desert

All images and info courtesy of BIG.

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