Experience A Slice of Santorini at Greek-theme Inspired Café Azzure in Bengaluru | DS2 ARCHITECTURE

Experience A Slice of Santorini at Greek-theme Inspired Café Azzure in Bengaluru | DS2 ARCHITECTUREExperience A Slice of Santorini at Greek-theme Inspired Café Azzure in Bengaluru | DS2 ARCHITECTURE

Santorini in Greece is one of the most famous and mesmerizing islands in the world known for its white-painted cubed-shaped houses adorned with blue accents. If you want to enjoy the architectural beauty of this island in India, head over to Café Azzure in Bengaluru. Designed by DS2 ARCHITECTURE, the cafe encapsulates and contextualizes the very essence of the pristine and serene Greek island through its architectural and material vocabulary. The team shared the vital architectural nuances of the project with SURFACES REPORTER (SR). Take a look:

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Situated roughly 10km from the Kempegowda international airport, the cafe occupies the third and terrace floor of the east-facing property. The design approach was to create, curate and establish an experience that amalgamates cultures and holistically come across as a space that is international in its visual language yet is grounded locally.

Shades of Blue With Cane & Wood Textures

At the entrance, one is greeted by a subtle white brick wall and an azzure-coloured double door with frosted glass inserts.

Shades of blue and textures of cane and wood blend in together to seamlessly create a visual symphony that is at once quaint, debonair yet celebratory. The indoor space was largely designed to accommodate large gatherings and families.

Taste of Varied Experiences

Wooden flooring and ceramic tiles subliminally segregate the two zones - from semi-private to private. The tiles along with cane elements in the lighting fixtures and the counter create a distinct flavor of varied influences. The imposing fluted-blue columns not only add a visual and volume contrast they also add the depth of traditional intricacy within the litany of modern elements.

The terrace is designed to accommodate a much more diverse crowd. The arches slowly cue the visitor in and dramatically open up the large and expansive view of the airport road and hills bracketed within the diverging blue arches. On either side, semi-private seating has been accommodated.

The terrace area can be divided into three sections - either side having smaller configurations while the center having permutations of 4, 2, and larger configurations. The space on the left has been accentuated by making it a step higher and by the use of a distinct brown panel while the space on the right has seating carved out of white textured curvilinear walls that run serpentine across the right wing.

The central area has stamped concrete flooring with lights sprouting down from the ceiling - punctuating and defining the space.

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Rustic and Earthy Touch

The oven can be viewed from multiple angles and has been covered by white bricks and blue ceramic tiles.

It enhances the experience of the space even further by adding a rustic and earthy touch. 

Project Details

Project Name: Cafe Azzure
Location: Bengaluru
Completion year: 2022
Architecture Firm: DS2 ARCHITECTURE
Firm Location: Bengaluru
Lead Architect: Ar. Mueen Haris
Design Team: Raghuvamshi, Harsha
Photo Credits: Places and Spaces

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