Modern Architecture Design: Top 5 Current Trends | SR Trends Report

Modern Architecture Design: Top 5 Current Trends | SR Trends Report

The architecture field is expanding adversely with time. One can see different types of innovations in the architecture field. Innovation has become a significant trend, due to which each architecture is not focusing on repetitive designs but new innovative designs every time. The innovation of the architecture can be assumed by exploring the design of just single dining rooms. Maybe the person gets exhausted because of extensive research on dining room designs, but the designs will not end.

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Apart from this, beautiful shades have added quality to the designs. By applying the different shades in one design, architecture can create a group of large varieties of the same type. Trends in architecture change with time and demand. This year some designs will gain their bullish phase, and following others will replace the trends. So, this research on architecture trends is an ongoing process.

Surfaces Reporter(SR) is deeply analyzing and researching new architectural trends. So, in this article, you can explore the top 5 trends which are surprising the entire world, and adding beauty to their "Home Sweet Home."

Top 5 trends in architecture

Let's start our discussion on the top 5 trends of architecture.

Tiny homes

Tiny homes are trending on the top of the current day. There are several reasons why tiny houses are trending these days. These are as follows:

  • Nuclear and small families: In today's world, society has adopted the culture of nuclear families, in which couples live with their children only. In most cases, couples only live with each other. In this scenario, couples prefer to live in tiny houses. Most people prefer one room set with a separate dining hall in tiny homes.
  • Easy to maintain: Purchasing and building the big is not much more hectic than maintenance. The maintenance of big houses requires both effort and high maintenance, due to which individuals prefer tiny houses. In this hectic world, no one has enough time to spend on house cleaning. So, to decrease the cleaning efforts and minimize the space, individuals prefer tiny houses for three days.

DIY Architecture

DIY Architecture is also trending enormously in the entire world. In this type of architecture, users need to purchase the house's kit and assemble the different parts of the house. The trend was popularising because of the following reasons:

  • Cut construction and materials expenses: One needs to spend much more on building the home, like spending on raw materials, construction price, and many more. It increases both effort and cost. In DIY Architecture, one is only required to purchase the kit of the house and then assemble it. It reduces both cost and effort.
  • Flexible to change the location at any time: It is the best advantage of DIY Architecture. The House owner can disassemble the home anytime and reassemble it in another location.

Prefabricated Architecture

In Prefabricated Architecture, the houses were built on any specific location, basically on construction sites, and then delivered to the final site through transportation. This architecture is trending these days due to the following reasons:

  • Easy to transport: Due to the variations in the individual's workplaces, working people need to change their location every short period. Houses based on DIY Architecture are elementary to transport from one place to another. Due to this, individuals prefer such kinds of houses extensively.
  • Provides modern look: Companies constructing houses based on DIY Architecture focus more on modularity and simplicity. Due to this, both the interior and exterior design of the house provide an authentic and unique look.

3D Printed Architecture

3D printed architecture or 3D designs are also demanding these days enormously. 3D Printed Architecture is trending because of the following reasons:

  • Realistic designs: The best quality of 3D designs is that they seem very realistic in look. These designs cover the building's three dimensions (length, breadth, and height) and look very natural and realistic.
  • Provide traditional look: 3D designs provide a classic look to homes and designs. They not only add beauty but also add royalty to the homes.

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture is based on energy-saving and Eco-friendly approaches. Some reasons which demonstrate the reason behind why Sustainable Architecture is popularising:

  • Saves energy: Sustainable Architecture fundamentals save energy by using natural resources like sunlight and water waves to fulfil house owners' requirements. It reduces the long-term cost to owners.
  • Provides Eco-friendly environment: In Sustainable Architecture, the focus was on providing residents with a natural environment, such as natural oxygen through the plantation. It will help the owners to remain connected with nature.

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